About Africa:
Africa, the second biggest landmass  covering around one-fifth of the all out land surface of Earth. The landmass is limited on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and on the south by the blending waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.Africa contains a gigantic abundance of mineral assets, including a portion of the world's biggest stores of petroleum products, metallic metals, and jewels and valuable metals.
Africa is a stunning mainland that is unmistakably one of a kind among the seven landmasses. Africa is wealthy in social legacy and assorted variety, an abundance of characteristic assets, offers stunning vacation spots, and contains probably the most many-sided political frameworks. Investigate this staggering mainland with the absolute most fascinating realities about Africa.This wealth is coordinated by an incredible assorted variety of natural assets that incorporates the strongly rich tropical rain forest of Central Africa and the world-renowned populaces of untamed life of the eastern and southern parts of the landmass. Despite the fact that farming still rules the economies of numerous African nations, the misuse of these assets turned into the most noteworthy financial movement in Africa in the twentieth century.

JOB TITLE                                      JOB VACANCIES

CLEANERS                                     10
ELECTRICIAN                               10
CARPENTER                                  05
FITTER                                            10
FRUIT PICKER                                      05
CIVIL FOREMAN                                  10
CLEANER                                        20

Candidates with high skill with good experience can apply.
Work Permit: 2 years work permit +free visa.
All can apply for job ASAP.
Free transportation+Free food will be given to worker.


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