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About Company: CCC   established in 1952 when three skilled youthful business visionaries, the late Kamel Abdul-Rahman, and the late Said Khoury, united to make one of the main Arab development organizations. Following quite a while of development, CCC keeps on rehearsing a similar style of the executives joined at its establishing, a style dependent on common trust with customers, simplicity of correspondence, and smooth joint effort crosswise over areas and divisions. Since the organization's unassuming beginnings, the CCC Group has extended to incorporate a few backups, enlarging CCC's territorial and global status. Today, CCC comes out on top in the reception of new innovation to improve development proficiency and upgrade venture controls. The organization's first central station was in Homs, Syria, however later moved to Beirut, where Hasib Sabbagh, Said Khoury, and Kamel Abedelrahman, the originators, turned into the sole proprietors of CCC to make an


About Company: Africa, the second biggest mainland (after Asia), covering around one-fifth of the complete land surface of Earth. The landmass is limited on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and on the south by the blending waters of the Atlantic and Indian seas. Concor is currently a main dark claimed framework and structures administrations business situated in South Africa and advantages from the 115 and multi year heritages of Murray and Roberts Construction and Concor respectively. Concor's tasks are organized into different specialty units adjusted to a similar reason and vision, with great information on their separate markets, customers and providers. These specialty units are upheld by Concor's image, monetary quality and Group-wide qualities, just as unified shared administrations frameworks, mastery and functionality.Africa can be considered as an immense level r


About Country: Singapore is both an island and a country, however possibly its high-quality description is that of city-country. Like the splendid city-states of the past, it gives civilization and order in the highest degree. Its mixture of Western-style improvement and Eastern-style calm seems to present the first-rate of both hemispheres: It's a current town in which you feel safe on foot the streets, and it's an Asian business center that's a version of efficiency. Singapore is likewise a multicultural city, and near one-quarter of its population are expatriates or foreign people from all around the world. Known for its preference to end up the era hub of Asia, Singapore is the maximum wired country in the region.In the beginning of the nineteenth century Singapore became a exchange post and settlement of the British East India Company and a few years later a British crown colony. Singapore is today (beside Monaco) the maximum densely populated indepen


About Europe: Europe is one of the biggest job provider in world with its wide number of opportunities available.Europe, youngsters are discovering it progressively hard to get a better than average, changeless occupation in spite of being the most instructed age ever. There are various EU activities in progress to open up the activity market to the more youthful generation.So far, 14 million individuals have taken up the offer. However, there are as yet genuine worries about the quantity of youngsters without a vocation particularly in the south of Europe. Numerous nations in Europe, for the most part in focal Europe, don't approach an Ocean and offer national outskirts just with different nations. About 10% of the total populace lives in Europe. In Russia, about 78% of the populace, that is in excess of 110 million individuals live in the European piece of the world's biggest nation. The majority of the European populace gatherings, practically 90%, have a place


Kuwait Oil Company was established in 1934 by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, which is known today as BP (British Petroleum), and Gulf Oil Corporation, now known as Chevron. Since its inception, KOC’s activities have included exploration operations, onshore and offshore surveys, drilling of test wells and the development of producing wells in addition to crude and natural gas exploration. By 1938, oil was found in commercial quantities at Burgan Field. In June of 1946, His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the late Amir of Kuwait, inaugurated the export of Kuwait’s first crude oil shipment. Urgently required for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) - Long Jobs Final client interview will be held shortly at Kolkata No. Job Vacancy Qty Salary 1 Store Keeper 20 240 KD 2 AC Mechanic 35 160 KD 3 Wall Painter 70 140 KD 4 Supervisor 50 190 KD 5 Foreman 30 190 KD 6 Civil Engineer 15 300 KD 7 Mason 50 130 + 140 K

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RAI Oil Field Service is a shareholding company managed by board of directors it was incorporated in 1996. RAI OILFIELD SERVICES is a construction, maintenance, man power supply and general service company to the Oil industry. RAI Oil Field Services is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 & OHSAS 18001:2008 Certified Company. The company has carried out number of projects such as, overhauling of high voltage transmission line 11000kv, cleaning repairing and painting of crude oil tanks, construction of accommodation facilities, construction of gas power house, construction of lined evaporation ponds and camp service. RAI was formed to undertake construction projects and services which include highly specialized works, design and build, contract/project management and general contracting. Rai Oilfield Services company in Libya looking for candidates for the below categories: Walk in interview will conduct soon. No. Job Category Salary 1 Project Managers 4000 US