About Country:
Singapore is both an island and a country, however possibly its high-quality description is that of city-country. Like the splendid city-states of the past, it gives civilization and order in the highest degree. Its mixture of Western-style improvement and Eastern-style calm seems to present the first-rate of both hemispheres: It's a current town in which you feel safe on foot the streets, and it's an Asian business center that's a version of efficiency. Singapore is likewise a multicultural city, and near one-quarter of its population are expatriates or foreign people from all around the world. Known for its preference to end up the era hub of Asia, Singapore is the maximum wired country in the region.In the beginning of the nineteenth century Singapore became a exchange post and settlement of the British East India Company and a few years later a British crown colony.
Singapore is today (beside Monaco) the maximum densely populated independent country within the world. Its strategic location blended with a largely corruption-unfastened government, a skilled paintings force, pro-foreign funding and export-oriented, brought about a a hit loose-market economy which pulls international investment price range on a huge scale notwithstanding its quite high-fee working environment.
Singapore is a parliamentary consultant democratic republic with a ulti-birthday party system.Head of country is the President, head of presidency is the Prime Minister. Voting at Singapore's presidential elections or parliamentary elections is compulsory for all eligible citizens.

JOB TITLE                                  QTY

FOREMAN                                     10
CLEANER                                      40
COOK                                             04
OFFICE BOY                                  10
LIGHT DRIVER                              10
HELPERS                                      05
FORKLIFT OPERATOR                 05
LINEMAN                                       10


All are required to send resume soon to get call for interview ASAP.
Free transportation+Extra medical facilities provided.
2 years work permit +joining bonus will be given.
Any degree can apply for the job ASAP.


  1. I'm floorman in Essar oilfield India LTD 2000Hp land rig at Andhra Pradesh. Plz I want job.

  2. I am interested please give email I'd or contact details

  3. I am interested give me you phone number and mail I'd

  4. Iam Ian interested this job
    Education Bachelor digree+ITI
    Elactrician trade with 6 year gulf experience
    M .n 734385548


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