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Dubai is an increasingly attractive occupationally city, due to:
– The mega constructions for which the government is betting Dubai. However, some of these buildings have suffered delays or suspensions due to the global economic crisis in which the economy of Dubai is no stranger.
– The large number of companies in the giant industrial parks of this city, dedicated to this productive sector. These companies have been attracted mainly because they are free from paying taxes.
– The importance of tourism luxury in Dubai, worldwide.
The jobs better paid and more offered on the labor market of Dubai are those that require skilled labor, being the declining demand of those who require unskilled labor, who receive fewer benefits.
A sector by sector will discuss the benefits and advantages offered by these. Starting with the banking and finance sector, this sector is offering better pay, like the petrochemical industry. Also, the health sector, through hospitals, requires large amounts of doctors and nurses. Likewise, the tourism and information technology offer a good amount of vacancies.
However, the highest demand is given in the field of engineering and its various specialties. This is because this city is highly technological, besides the educational level is low and for this reason, labor demand is directed almost entirely to skilled migrants.
Finally, it is important to know that although the Arab in Dubai, officially speaking, the most commonly spoken language is English because it is a multicultural and multilingual city. For this reason, mastering English is essential for communication in this city.
sectors that offer excellent employment prospects in Dubai/UAE are :: Jobs Open in Dubai/UAE:

• The primary industries: mining, oil, gas and hydro power.
• Health and social services (nurses, health technicians, kindergarten teachers, social workers.)
• Technical Services Professional, scientific and (computer scientists, engineers, technicians in engineering, chemistry and biology.)
• Detailed Trade (store managers, clerks, salesmen, butchers.)
• Banking, finance, insurance (insurance agents, customer service agents, financial analysts, claims experts, counselors economic planning.)
• Hospitality and catering (cooks, confectioners, waiters, hotel receptionists, waiters, etc.)
Average Salary : Min 10,000 – 70,000 AED
Medical : Yes
Bonus : Yes
Lunch Allowance : Yes
Holidays : All Government Holidays and also 30 day leave
Position Type: Full Time / Part time


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